kuntala waterfalls most amazing waterfalls of Telangana

Kuntala waterfalls are located with a distance of 15kms from Neredikonda, about 45 kilometers from Nirmal, Nearly 60 kilometers from Adilabad and about 260 kms from Hyderabad, it's situated on kadam stream in middle of the Sahyadri range dense forest near to Neredikonda village in Adilabad District of Telangana.

This falls are the best waterfalls in the state of Telangana with almost 200feet.

Kunatala waterfall
Kuntala Waterfalls in Monsoon

More About Kuntala Waterfalls

Kuntala waterfalls additionally referred to as shakuntala, it's the previous name for this waterfall and it's the name of the beloved spouse of king Dushyanth. The villagers consider that shakuntala used to bath through the waterfall.

This is the best place to visit in one day for the travelers and trekkers, there are more waterfalls for trekking around this kuntala waterfalls. The place is more attractive in monsoon and post monsoon seasons, whereas traveling from Nirmal to Kuntala waterfalls we've got to go through a 10 kms of road from dense green forest it'll be an amazing experience.

Best time to visit Kuntala Waterfalls

shakuntala waterfall
Kuntala waterfalls in peak Monsoons
It is called as dangerous waterfall because of the sharp rocks and twists from that the water flows heavily, once the kadam reservoir releases water.

The waterfalls in Adilabad district are becoming vast popularity because the district having dense forest, with the areas Jodeghat, Ragapur ghats in Tiryani mandal, the Gandhari fort in Mancherial and kosai within the Talamadugu mandal these are the eco-tourism spots and a few of the association president’s opinions and suggestions are government ought to arrange for the development of the eco-primarily based totally adventure tourism spots, so the social organization parents residing close to those tourism spots benefited by giving accommodation to the tourists which can raise financial income for them.

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Pochera Waterfalls a charismatic waterfalls of Telangana

Pochera waterfalls are existing in Adilabad district Of Telangana, The waterfalls are about 38km from Nirmal, nearly 48km from Adilabad, Nearly 24km from kuntala waterfalls and 260km from Capital of Telangana (Hyderabad). Pochera waterfalls are also the best waterfalls in Telangana.

More about Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera waterfalls are charismatic waterfalls of kadam stream. These waterfalls are situated at a distance of 12km from the village Neredikonda it's the village between Nirmal And Adilabad, and there's a diversion to take at Boath Cross roads. it's a vast, deep with height of 40-42mts and having 2steps. it's a unique falls and was discovered lately.

Pochera Waterfalls
Pochera Waterfalls

There is some way in which 2wheelers will go till the waterfalls, the most effective time to go to these waterfalls are monsoon and post monsoon seasons. take care while going in rock bottom of falls in monsoon seasons as a result of the flow of water from upper side are going to be heavy in monsoons. Odd time to go to pochera waterfalls is January to July, as a result of you won’t notice a lot of water to enjoy the place.

You won’t notice food and water close to waterfalls, it's advisable to carry food and adequate water from close retailers, you'll notice retailers close to Boath cross roads otherwise you can carry from Nirmal town.

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Video OF Pochera Waterfalls

Basara Goddess Saraswati Temple for powerful Aksharabyasam

Basara is a temple of Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of Learning and of Knowledge. This place is also called as Gnana Saraswati temple, the temple is famous for Akshara Abyasam (English: Learning Ceremony) for children. 

More About BASARA Temple

Basara is situated on the banks of Godavari river. This place is at a distance of 30km from Bhainsa, about 16km distance from Dharmabad, Nearly 35km of distance from Nizambad, 70km distance from Nirmal, Nearly 158km disatance from Adilabad and around 205km distance from Hyderabad.
Basara Temple
Basara Temple
Bijialudu a Karnataka King who ruled Nandagiri with Nanded as the capital in sixth century constructed the temple at Basara.

To reach this temple transportation can be own vehicle, TSRTC and Railways. One can travel through the own vehicle by the road the distance from Hyderabad will be between 205km to 210km, TSRTC providing number of buses upto Nizambad from there district buses will also available up to temple or else share autos will also be available to travel. The easy way to reach Basara temple is by train, there are trains available to reach Basara from Hyderabad, after reaching Basara railway station you can find share autos outside the station to go saraswati temple.

The tourists who visit this palce can also have good time by visiting ALISAGAR lake near by this temple which is about 10km from Nizambad to Basara road, you can also have fun in the alisagar lake while doing boating in that.
Alisagar Lake
Alisagar Lake
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Sahastrakund Waterfalls Along with natural scenery

Sahastrakund waterfalls are at Umarkhed boundry of Nanded, yavatmai district on penganga river. This waterfall is at a distance of 5km from Islahpur village, about 60km distance from Nimal, nearly 100km distance from Nanded, about 117km distance from Adilabad and 280km distance from the capital of Telangana i.e Hyderabad.

Sahastrkund Waterfalls
Sahastrkund Waterfalls

Sahastrakund waterfall is a tributary of Godavari river. There is a tower neary to watch the waterfalls and sourrounding nature at the place.

The tourists should be very careful while getting into the water as the rocks are very slippery and the it is adviseable not to get into water in peak monsoons as the flow of water will be high in the season.

The tourist can visit any time in the year but Best time to visit is in the months of August – september means in peak monsoons.

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Kaddam Project known as Kadem dam in Telangana

Kadam Dam is also called as Kaddam Narayan Reddy Project it is about a distance of 3km from Peddur Bus Stand, about 50km of distance from Nirmal, nearly 108km from Adilabad and 260km from Hyderabad, the dam is located at kaddam peddut in adilabad district. It is a major reservoir constructed over kadam river a tributary river of Godavari. It took 15years to complete the construction of this project started and completed between 1949 – 1964.

The purpose of this Project is to irrigate 68000 hectares of agricultural land present, prior to this it was 25000 hectares.
Kadam Dam
Kadam Dam
This dam intigrated with sriram sagar project. It has two major canals for water distribution, left canal length is at an average of 76.8km and right canal length is about 8km.

The reservoir having boating facility, visitors enjoys the boating and the reservoir has beautiful surroundings. There is a park adjacent to the dam tourists can have good experience there. Tourists can have awesome experience in peak monsoons as the gates of the project opens and the gushing of water from the gates flows down to the bottom with sounds and also as the droplets of water falls on the visitors makes them feel as if it is drizzling.

Best time to visit in Peak Monsoons and Post monsoons!☻