Gayatri Waterfalls are fascinating Waterfalls

Gayatri Waterfalls is one in all the various waterfalls in and around Nirmal city. This waterfall is with a distance of 5km from Tarnam Khurd Village, about 19km distance from kuntala waterfalls, nearly 40km from Nirmal, about 60km distance from Adilabad and 270km from Capital of Telangana (Hyderabad). It is also one of the beautiful waterfalls among the other waterfalls, the waterfall is located on the kadam river besides kuntala and pochera waterfalls.

This waterfall is also called as Mukti Gudam by the villagers, it is situated in deep forest of Tarnam Khurd village. Gayatri waterfall flows down form a height of 100feet into the valley to create magnificent view and it mesmerizes the tourists and visitors. 
Gayatri waterfalls
Gayatri waterfalls

You can find a pool bottom of the waterfall in which we can swim but it is cautious to be careful while swimming in the pool as the rocks are sharp and slippery.

From Hyderabad to Adilabad on NH7 you will reach Neredigonda after travelling 260km from Hyderabad, on the same highway if you go for more 6km you will find kupti Village there you will find a sign board for Tarnam Khurd village on the right side. After driving 2 to 3km from there you will reach Tarnam Khurd village vehicles go till this village, from there we have to go by walk for 5km to reach this waterfall, better to hire local villager as a guide to this place.

The 5km is a trek so it won’t suitable for kids and it is better to carry food and water while trekking, it takes 2 to 3hrs to reach the waterfall there will be no shops or hotels around.

Best time to visit this waterfall is in heavy Monsoons!

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