Kortikal Waterfalls | Bandam Ragadi Village

Kortikal waterfalls are located in kortikal and Bandam Ragadi villages. This waterfall is about 15kms from Kuntala waterfalls, nearly 15kms distance from nirmal and about 230kms distance from Hyderabad. The height of the waterfall is low (5mtrs) when compare with other waterfalls near by the place but the flow of the water will be high in peak monsoons. 

There will be a pool at the bottom in which tourists play and also swim but one should be careful while swimming because in the bottom of the pool there will be rocks, while swimming they may hit. It is cautious to be careful while playing in the pool.

Kortikal Waterfalls
Kortikal Waterfalls
You can visit this waterfall is (August - October). That means after monsoon it is the best time!☻


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