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Our main motto is to provide a good and a valuable information. In this website we mentioned all the visiting places of INDIA, Initially we planned to bring awareness on kuntala waterfalls but later on we decided to give information about all the best and popular visiting places in INDIA. We covered major part about kuntala waterfalls in this website and you can view other pages in this site for other visiting places all over the INDIA.

One of the best tours we visited was kuntala waterfalls.

When we are planning for a one day trip one of my cousin’s said the name kuntala waterfalls, we heard the name of kunatala waterfalls for the first time we didn’t even know the directions to the waterfalls. We decided to go a trip to kuntala waterfalls. on saturaday around 7 p.m we started from Hyderabad via National Highway 7, reached there by 11.30 p.m and we stayed in a hotel at Nirmal for the night. On Sunday morning around 10 a.m after having a breakfast we started from Nirmal to Kuntala

we decided to bring awareness to all about this waterfall. In simple words to describe the waterfall it is “The place where you can find an unknown experience of heaven”.

In this website we are providing the information related to Roadway and directions how to reach kuntala waterfall, restaurants near by the place, halt for the night and also near by the place around waterfalls to visit.

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